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<h1>Monitor unique concrete structures</h1>

Who We Are


Struct-Sure Limited was formed with the purpose of providing structural health monitoring engineering services to clients that own important infrastructure which requires significant amounts of money to maintain the infrastructure so that the infrastructure is safe for the public to use.


We provide structural health monitoring for bridges, buildings, towers, tunnels, large watermains, historic buildings, monitoring of buildings near new construction and much more.


Struct-Sure Limited provides the expertise to allow owners, decision-makers and managers to make educated decisions on when and how to spend money on infrastructure so as to minimize the risks associated with the infrastructure.


OSMOS holds over 50 international patents and has more than 1000 successfully completed projects and continues to be active in all areas of structural engineering.


In addition to the head office in France, OSMOS has an affiliated network of offices around the world, which together make up the OSMOS Group, the strength of international networking.

OSMOS has been represented in Canada since 2005.



What Do We Do?


Struct-Sure Limited provides a complete structural health monitoring and engineering service to our clients.  We supply and install the OSMOS equipment as a short term rental/lease with full design services for the monitoring program, and monthly analysis and reporting of data collected.  Depending on the structure it may be justified to supply, install and sell the OSMOS equipment and we provide the regular data analysis and reporting.


The fiber optic technology created by OSMOS allows for early detection and prevention of structural integrity issues and provides pertinent information to on-going security and prevention management for structures such as bridges and overpasses, and which in fact responds well to challenges posed by the aging and renewing of engineering works.


Struct-Sure Limited, an Ontario distributor of OSMOS technology, provides structural health monitoring for  bridges; municipal buildings, sport centres, train stations, railways and tracks, subway stations; historic monuments and buildings, roofs, geotechnical structures (slopes, retaining walls), underground parking structures; tunnels (subway, railway, road, water), water towers, wind turbines, stacks; and hydraulic structures (dams, sewer tunnels, large diameter watermains).


Any structure that you own which is vitally important to your organization, which would result in catastrophic problems if the structure failed or poses a safety issue to the public or your business should be equipped with structural monitoring.  Typically we can monitor strain, deflection, tilting, vibration, temperature and crack width.  Any other sensor which provides a digital or analogy signal can also be connected to the monitoring equipment.  A complete picture of the structural health can be obtained easily.


Eliminate Doubt and Guesswork


Prevent damage to your structures and avoid liability issues. Struct-Sure uses highly sensitive fiber optical sensors and data acquisition systems to monitor the performance of your structure by measuring strains, deformation and movement of the structure under all conditions. The sensors measure micro changes that occur in the structure as loads and the environment change and as the structure ages.  The advanced system also measures changes to the structures foundation under the effect of rehabilitation, repair or adjacent construction.


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